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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

The Revolutionary A.S.K. Health Improvement Plan

That's right, there is a new revolutionary new health improvement plan out there and you're not going to want to miss it. If you've struggled with weight-loss, increasing strength, enhancing your endurance or improving your overall health this program is for you. But...there's a catch. You have to ask for it.

Every successful person I know did not just happen to stumble upon it. In addition to persistently working towards their goals and pushing forward after significant setbacks they also did one thing that helped them seal the deal: they had help. When you think about it every successful business person has a team of advisers and every competitive athlete also has help in the form of coaches and trainers. Can you imagine an Olympic athlete competing without a team of coaches and trainers? Absolutely not! Successful entrepreneurs have advisers, athletes have coaches and the best students I know have teachers and tutors. If you consider the above it seems fairly obvious that if we want to improve our chances at succeeding it may behoove us to ask for a little help. So if asking for help can significantly improve our chances of succeeding than why aren't more people asking?

Throughout our years in elementary, junior high and high-school we're taught many things including math, sciences, economics, English and a host of other subjects. What I don't remember learning however is how to prepare, plan and monitor dietary intake or create a progressive daily and annual workout regimen. Lastly I definitely don't remember learning assertive communication skills. With that in mind we've seemingly been left to fend for ourselves in all matters of health and wellness. If you're a parent please take this into consideration and help your own kids establish and learn healthy habits while their young; they won't learn this in school and your kids and our nation certainly needs a healthy future generation (yes this is a rant).

As we have discussed the majority of successful people work with advisers, coaches, teachers and mentors to further their success. These individuals understand that it's challenging to succeed on their own yet with the right team and guidance anything is possible. This too applies to our own health and well-being. The challenge is that the common sentiment overshadowing health is that it should be easy. Well, newsflash, it's not. Learning how to balance your life in a way that's productive, efficient, balanced, harmonious and healthy takes a lot of work, dedication and...advice. There are many amazing health, fitness and wellness professionals in our community and the ones I know are generous with their knowledge and advice so take advantage of it. So if you're looking for a little extra help with your own health and fitness goals remember that it may only take three little letters to push you beyond what you've accomplished to-date. You just have to ask for it.

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